Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Planet Earth is Beautiful

I'm not advertising this particular post.  It's a sensitive topic.  

I'm upset how us in the so called civilized world treat our home - planet earth.  We rape the land for parking lots, we drain the earth of oil, we murder our marine mammals and we all seem to think that if it doesn't happen in my backyard then it doesn't effect me.  If I don't know about it then it doesn't matter.  It does matter.  We get upset at the geese pooping on the grass but forget how we foul our own drinking water, we complain about the cost of food but forget about sustainable farming.

I am not perfect, but I sure try hard to be contentious about my choices in my life.  I know what fish species I should bypass at the fish mongers, I avoid produce that is imported from the other side of the world when that produce is available from local farmers and for the most part I avoid out of season fresh fruit, it's not natural and it's unnecessary to eat tasteless strawberries in February.  I can wait until June.

Think about where you food comes from.  I'm lucky that I know how to cook.  I have said it before that North Americans are quickly losing our talents for cooking meals from scratch.  I don't buy processed food.  That way I know the fresh tuna I'm buying is not Blue Fin Tuna, it's Yellow Tail, a much more healthy fish population.  I know my salmon is farmed.  I know my chicken is from a small farmer who doesn't have to cater to large operation food processors.  If my backyard had more sunlight, I would have a large vegetable garden, I grow what I can.  

There are societies in our so-called civilized world who murder dolphins.  The Japanese heard these animals into a cove, net them in then spear them over and over again until they bleed to death.  20,000 animals are taken each year, babies included.  The 'meat' from these animals are so high in lead and mercury that the effects are starting to appear in the organs and blood steams of those that consume dolphin meat.  I don't feel sorry for them.  No one needs to eat dolphin or whale or wear seal fur.

I am not preaching veganism.  I eat meat and I always will.   However, what I do differently is I know where my meat comes from, how it's raised and what the impact on the environment I cause by eating meat.

I have recently discovered the journey of the Sea Shepherd.  To me, they are heroes.  We can't all do what they do but we can help - even if it's just being aware of what human beings are doing to our planet - our home.  www.seashepherd.org  Captain Paul Watson is a unique being and I am proud to say he is Canadian.

We all need to do our part in some small way.  If we all take the time to learn about where our processed food comes from, then learn how to make a meal from raw materials, fresh - in season produce, we can make a difference for the future of our home.

I'm sad.  I see all these people rush home to just sit and watch their TV all night, not thinking.  On the train they play games on their IPhone or listen to their music, not thinking.  Even though I can't see out the train window because of the darkness at night, I can look at my reflection and compare my life with those lives around me.  

If we all just walked a little slower to our cars when it's raining out - fuck the umbrella!  The rain is part of our home.  If we take the time to feel the burning of the cold winter wind, we might be a little more thankful for our heated homes.  If we took the time to shop for groceries using our brains rather then buying processed foods marketing companies say we should buy - we would rest a little easier at night.  

I'm getting closer and closer to fucking off, selling everything and living off the grid.  It's time we re-evaluated our lives, stepped back and learned about our planet instead of taking it for granted.  We need to look after our home and every little bit helps.  Let's stop eating processed foods or eating burgers from fast food chains, none of those things are good for our environment and how dare we be so ignorant or so arrogant to ignore the impact the human race has on the planet and the animals with whom we share this earth.

I'm sad...that's all.  Planet earth is beautiful - the human race, not so much.

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  1. UPDATE: Apparently the Japanese kill the dolphins because they 'eat fish'. This comes directly from the office of the Japanese Embassy in the US. They 'eat fish' so let's kill them, rather then learn how to share our planet with others. Why can't we learn how to save ourselves from ourselves?