Monday, September 6, 2010

Eating with 2 talented chefs

Imagine being married to a chef.  Imagine being married to an avid sailor who is also chef.  Today, we were supposed to take Claudia and Claudio sailing then back to the boat club for dinner.  Unfortunately this weekend's weather for sailing was terrible so we started dinner at 3 at my house.  

We started with some fruit wine tasting - apple and pumpkin wine from Kawartha County Wines in Buckhorn.  My favourite winery, their fruit wines aren't very sweet at all.  We then tasted their Sour Cherry Balsamic Vinegar, which was killer good!  Chef Claudia brought a plate of antipasta along with walnut sourdough bread.  She is so talented with bread - you have to have patience for that!  Then we moved onto a lobster tapas with Old German Heritage tomatoes from my garden, chives and really fruity, organic olive oil.  It could have used a little acid in the form of a really good champange vinegar but c'est la vie.  A nice truffle oil would have rounded it off nice as well - that's for next time.  Great boat food - easy and everything in a bottle and portable.

The main course was a 60 dry-aged black angus sirloin, cut about 2 inches thick and cooked to a medium rare served with just a simple salad with heirloom tomatoes, blue cheese and fennel.  For dessert, we had a peanut butter terrine - which was an experiment of mine.  The terrine needs to be more peanut buttery but what could be better than peanut butter and chocolate?  Then Claudia tried my new Sour Cherry Balsamic Vinegar chocolates and the caramel ones I made this weekend - yum.  The caramel is my VERY favourite!  Caramel is such a great invention.

So the husbands got fat, helped a bit, served the wine and beer and cleaned up.  We're all full and tired now.  Chef Claudia and her husband went home and I'm on the couch with the top button of my pants undone - perfect!

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