Saturday, September 4, 2010

Long Weekend

So it's Saturday morning and windy as hell out.  Not as windy as out east where Hurricane Earl is touching down, but gusts of 60+ kms and sustained winds of 41 kms is pretty windy.  Enough to keep the boat at the dock today.  However, it gives me time to make, wait for it people - PEANUT BUTTER BARS!  Also a peanut butter and chocolate terrine for dinner with friends on Monday, after an afternoon of sailing.  Porno Paul is going to make Sushi for dinner tonight - YEAH!  In a couple of weeks I'm heading up to Bobcaygeon to sell my wares at a local artisan cafe.  I hope they like my signature chocolate - cherry balsamic, made from local cherry vinegar from Kawartha County Wines.  Those guys have it figured out, too bad I have to drive that far for some of their fruit wines - although a weekend in Bobcaygeon is always awesome.

Since it's Saturday morning, we slept in and are now having coffee and watching Bugs Bunny.  Amazing how Bugs Bunny, being so old still makes me laugh hard enough to make me cry.  Everyone should take the time to watch Bugs Bunny.

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